Team WorldwideChinaLtd.(TWC) engaged itself in the sea, air freight, inland transportation, customs brokerage & warehousing services and cross-country cargo express arrangement, has all these years been striving to stay on its course of maintaining a responsibly and efficiently high standard of performance, no matter how competitive and acute the business environments are. It is TWC’s firm conviction that with earnest commitment to uncompromising pursuit of efficient and trustworthy services, TWC will always be in the spotlight of the Logistics stage.


Business Vision

Striving to meet customers’ needs, no matter how demanding or meticulous. Valuing what are worth of valuing—Reliability, Efficiency, Constant innovation and whatever challenging opportunities. Striving to meet objectives and performance goals. Always enhancing our ability and our driving innovative force to dovetail with the evolving changes and demands of rapid globalization. Always standing at the forefront of the Logistics realm. Always capturing growth opportunities. Always endeavors to fulfill its social responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

Core Values

TWC has a set of core values that define what the TWC team wishes to be. They also represent the way TWC wishes to do business and the way TWC expects of its employees.
Trustworthy and dependable
Cordial and understanding
Experienced and professional
Passionate, conscientious and discreet
Honest, upright and respectful

Business Areas

International sea freight services
International air freight services
Import/export customs brokerage & warehousing services
Inland sea/air freight undertaking/arrangement services
Cargo/transportation insurance brokerage
Cross-country cargo express arrangement
Import/export customs declaration/clearance services
Shipments/goods distribution services
Innovative consultation & solutions

Company Philosophy
(The TWC General Business Principles)

TWC’s business strategy always dovetails with customers’ expectation and satisfaction.
TWC always cherish a solid relationship of mutual understanding and trust as well as mutual benefits among its employees, customers and partners, because we fully understand that that is where our strengths lie and that is where business potential and mutual growth embedded.
TWC deems teamwork and professionalism, trust and openness, prerequisites to good performance.
TWC places high emphasis on “Team works ” values and behaviors, and the philosophy that every goal we have reached is in essence the point of departure for new challenges.

Our Commitment

Satisfying Customers’ Demands
TWC always puts customers first, paying careful attention to their specific needs, making every effort to offer reliable and beneficial services up to their satisfaction.
Valuing Employees
An experienced and trustworthy employee is an asset to the company. TWC respects each employee’s individuality and allows its employees adequate room and equal opportunity to fully demonstrate their capabilities.
Broadening Horizon
Advanced know-how and broad horizon are prerequisite to good performance. TWC encourages its employees to do their best to absorb new knowledge, to enrich their minds and to broaden their view and horizon. TWC encourages all its employees to develop their visions and talents to their utmost.
Respecting Diversified Customs and Cultures
The Logistics world itself is a world “Sans Frontiere”, TWC has fully recognized this and has sincerely shown and will keep showing respect to the cultures and customs of all the countries or regions it has been doing business with.
Committed To Engaging Itself Actively In Philanthropic Activities
As one of the global citizens, it is to TWC’s full knowledge that a sound and reputable company has its social responsibilities to this globe, at the current stage our engagement in this area is still rather limited, but with our business growing globally one day, we’ll be sure to uphold our responsibility in this regard and participate actively in various types of philanthropic activities and social services without reserve.